Does this sound familiar?

  • You've got clients with stubborn pain patterns, and they seem to keep coming back with the same issues?
  • You feel stumped, and your clients just never seem to make any progress?
  • You want to make a HUGE impact on your clients lives, but there's just those few stubborn cases you simply cant crack?
  • You're working so hard for these clients, and at the end of the day, you're too worn out to even think about self care?
  • Maybe you're even taken a Cupping Therapy training before, but it left you wanting MORE!
  • You know that Cupping Therapy can be a huge benefit to your clients, but you just haven't figured out how to implement it in a way that makes that BIG difference for them - let alone get them on board to try it out.

If any of these statements resonate with you, you're in the right place!
Introducing.... Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy!
This Online Course Includes:
  • Access & Membership to the Mastermind Group on Facebook, where we all meet together and brainstorm with like-minded, advanced Cupping Therapy practitioners.
  • Weekly Modules – We go through detailed Anatomy, Assessments, and Cupping Applications for each area of the body.
  • Comprehensive 80 Page printable workbook so you can reference on-the-go!
  • Weekly LIVE Technique / Business / Communication classes – even after the course is complete!
  • LIVE Q&A Virtual Meetups - Get your questions answered & learn different ways to apply these techniques for specific conditions!
  • Lifetime access to pre-recorded content!
Upon Completion of this Course, you will: 
  • Be able to provide highly advanced Cupping Therapy Protocols
  • Be able to confidently customize these protocols for special cases of chronic pain, injury, and surgical recovery
  • Communicate with your clients in a way that gets them excited and happy to be active participants in this therapy
  • Receive 24 CE credits from NCBTMB (NY pending approval)
  • Be invited to a graduates-only healing & Advanced Certification retreat (starting 2021 in the Rocky Mountains)
  • Be added to a directory of Practitioners, so you can be a part of our growing referral network
Pay-in-full and other payment plans are available, scroll down for more info!

Let's imagine something together, for just a minute...

  • Imagine being able to recognize the cause of your client's chronic pain patterns immediately, and knowing exactly what to do to help them walk away pain free.
  • They're referring their friends and family to you left and right because you're the one that finally figured out how to help the pain go away, they trust you and are excited to get on your table!
  • Soon, you've become the go-to in your town for chronic pain relief. You've got a schedule full of clients who are eager to work with you, who listen to your recommendations, and never come back with the same nagging pain.

Maybe you've contemplated learning Cupping Therapy before, or even taken a few introductory courses already. You're wondering... could this be the training that makes it all "click"?

This course is for you if you want to make a HUGE impact in your clients' lives. These techniques have helped hundreds of practitioners be able to impact their most difficult cases in just a few sessions!

The time has never been better to learn a new way to impact your clients, and position yourself as THE go-to for pain relief in your area!

So, why should THIS be the course you choose?

  • This 100% online curriculum will allow you to begin your studies NOW, and take the time you need to absorb the information when it works best from you. From home, from the bathtub, wherever, whenever!
  • You get IMMEDIATE ACCESS as soon as you enroll, and can be on your way to becoming the most advanced Cupping Therapy practitioner in your area TODAY!
  • You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course content, and there is no rush to complete it on any certain schedule or by any particular date!
  • You get SO MUCH support within our mastermind community. Any time you have a question, you can ask it there and the instructors are there every day to offer support (not to mention the many graduates and other students who have so much experience as well!)
  • There's many more reasons, but coming from us, these are our favorites! See what past students are saying below...


Are you ready? Let's do this!