What makes this workshop so special?

For over two years I have taught hundreds of practitioners all over the world.

Through that time, I have learned a LOT about what is missing in the Cupping Therapy Education world - even missing from my own full 3-month certificate training I developed, Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy!

So, I hit the books and did my research based on common questions within my student group and the bodywork community.

I've developed this workshop to fill all the gaps!

Over this 5 day workshop, I will share with you all this missing information, as well as some of my best hands-on tricks - the ones which my clients keep coming back to me for.

This is guaranteed to help you step-up your Cupping game and amaze your clients!

And, if you're a total cupping newbie, there's no need to have prior experience to benefit from our time together. I'll walk you through everything so you're safe and confident the whole way!

Before, it could cost at least $1000 to learn specialized Cupping applications with me, either in person or within my full certificate training.

Right now, I am offering the opportunity to learn from me without a huge investment!

You will learn:
  • Tricks and techniques I have never shown before - which I've never seen being shown anywhere else, either!
  • My best and newest treatments, which have become client favorites because of their efficacy, and how good they feel!
  • Working with specific conditions and disorders - modifying treatments for safety and comfort for all bodies
  • Marketing strategies to educate and intrigue your ideal client without spending a dime!
  • How to modify your Cupping work when working with a Post-Covid client... (I've been SILENT on this until now!)
  • Receive 6 CEs from NCBTMB - NY CEs approved too!
When and where - This event is held ENTIRELY ONLINE and will be available for you to watch IMMEDIATELY after registration!

📅 Dates: ON-DEMAND!
⏰ Times: Get IMMEDIATE Access! Watch it wherever you have internet access!

Right now, this class is on sale - get $140 off when you register in the next few days!!

How it all works:

1 - Register for the workshop with the link above!

2 - You'll be given IMMEDIATE access to the first day of the workshop!

3 - Watch each day, take notes, and enjoy!

4 - Take the quiz at the end and request your CE Certificate!

It's that easy, and it's all accessible for you for only

ONE payment of $57. 🤯

Daily Curriculum

Each day we will be going deep into different topics I have researched and techniques I have developed since becoming a Cupping Therapy Educator, all based on questions from my students, and case studies within my own clinic.

Below is a general outline of how we'll be spending our time together:

Day 1:

Cupping Misconceptions & Mythbusting
In-Depth Look at Different Cupping Sets & Their Uses
When to Use Different Types of Cupping Equipment
...And More!

Day 2:

Client Education & Communication
The Truth About Detox
Unusual Marks & Their Meanings
Negative Reactions & How to Avoid Them
Hands-on Demo #1 (Secret topic!)

Day 3:

Different Perspectives & Treatment Outcomes
Working With Inflammatory & Autoimmune Diseases
Working With Different Body Types
Hands-on Demo #2 (Secret Topic!)

Day 4:

Ancient Cupping + Modern Science
Multi-Modality Cupping
Cupping & Covid (this one, y'all have been begging me for!)
Hands-on Demo #3 (Secret Topic!)

Day 5:

Marketing Cupping - Best Practices
Appealing to Your Ideal Client
How to Truly Specialize & Create Your Own Techniques
... And More!

There's so much more to this workshop than meets the eye!

Those of you who know me, know I tend to over-deliver, and give everything I've got! So, this is bound to be one of the best virtual massage events you'll attend!

Register now & get immediate access!